E-Commerce Measurement

Knowing how your customers reach your Magento website, what they do there, and what device they access it from is a significant advantage if employed correctly. Our team of experts can identify products that are doing well, what keywords are thriving, and take all of this into account when creating new Google Adwords campaigns with increased returns. This type of strategy only gets better as time goes by, since we’ll have a constant influx of transactional data to work with.


We feel our partners should be kept up to date on the progress we’re making, which is why we provide a monthly sales report that identifies the volume and growth of eCommerce sales on the website. We digest channels and conversion levels until we have the required data for sales forecasts, which will be included in the report. Finally, our analytical measurement findings will be displayed, outlining our proactive methods and the reasons behind them.


Your new Magento eCommerce website will generate a feed that we can pass into Google Merchant. At this point, the Google Adwords campaign is launched, and we can gradually measure and monitor the status of these campaigns through Google Analytics. Conversion rates and keyword data are just two of many factors that determine our course of action. We can also pinpoint the source of traffic on your online store, which provides insight into present trends.


A measurement tool that allows us to digest the data coming from the eCommerce website in order to increase online sales. We observe incoming traffic, how it arrives, and what it does while it remains on your website. The device the customer is using also has to be taken into account. This information enables us to launch more targeted Adwords campaigns for even greater returns.

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