Rebranding and bespoke website development

New Lenses have over 30 years of experience in providing high-quality optics. This company specialises in a glasses re-glazing service and prescription glasses.

New Lenses initially had an offline business, which they intended to extend to the online platforms. In the spring of 2014, they reached out to Ad Lab, after discussing New Lenses’ competitors who were using online platforms, they decided to invest in the creation of an e-commerce website, as well as a paid and organic search advertising campaigns.

Project breakdown


Firstly, Ad Lab developed the branding for this company, starting with the New Lenses’ logo, which we incorporated the business’s brand identity and vision. The New Lenses logo features a gradient eye, the intentions of this is to instantly provide recognition of the product and service offering, which we believe has been achieved.

Website design

As with all sites designed by Ad Lab we like to keep them simple, clean and with usability at the forefront of the design. We created a bespoke, finely-tuned and fully-responsive website design, focusing on user experience and ease of access to products.

Website development

The website was developed on the Magento platform which allows us to easily customise each page and take full advantage of the standard features of the platform, such as the architecture, layout and check-out process.

For this particular project, we uploaded over 1000 products inclusive of title, description, price, quantity, SKU and GTIN.

Further to this, we integrated the payment gateway World Pay. Built the relevant pages, such as category pages, product pages, about page, frequently asked questions, terms and conditions, privacy policy and account registering.

Bespoke development – glasses re-glazing feature

Ad Lab created a custom system of re-glazing glasses, which enables customers to re-glaze their existing frames and enter their prescription. Firstly, the customer is able to choose the type of frame they desire, such as fully rimmed, semi-rimmed or rimless. Furthermore, the customer is capable of choosing how they will use their glasses, explaining further each section for easier comprehension. Then, the customer can choose between an array of lens coating and special options, including bronze lens coating or silver lens coating. After this step, the customer is able to choose if they desire their lens to be sun reactive, tinted, with all the possible options or not tinted. Finally, the customer can provide the system with their prescription – in this section the customer can either send the prescription via email, photo, phone, fax, phone or add it manually.

This glasses re-glazing system was used as a standalone product, allowing customers to request new lenses for their existing frames. As well as this, the re-glazing system was bolted on to the product page to allow customers to spec lenses for a new pair of glasses bought from New Lenses.


Upon building the website, Ad Lab undertook a series of marketing campaigns. We began a paid search campaign and an organic SEO campaign, initially to secure number one position for the New Lenses’ brand. Later we targeted specific keywords which were ranking for the products and services they provide, such as “glasses re-glazing”.

We also helped to optimise their Google Places account by embellishing the description and adding a variety of images.

We built the website with onsite relevancy and search engine accessibility from the ground up, including optimised page titles, h1 headers, optimised body content, and overall optimisation of the products.

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