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Kristall Spaces sell 90% of all apartments off plan
by advertising directly to buyers.


Percent Of Properties Sold Off Plot


Percent Cheaper Than Using A Estate Agent


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Project Overview

Kristall Spaces is the marketing arm of international property developer VenturePlus AG who specialise in developing luxury ski apartments within Austria. The aim of Kristall Spaces is to sell all apartments directly to buyers, retaining more profit per sale, whilst saving the buyer money and time with the transaction process.

To achieve this goal the marketing director of Kristall Spaces approached Ad Lab to set-up an online showroom within the UK, Germany, Austria, Holland and Russia, followed by a series of targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Audience Research

The first stage was to pin-point where potential customers were residing online. This process highlighted three distinct channels to target; Google, Facebook and Investment Websites.

The next stage was to understand what our target customers were typing into Google for Austria real estate keywords. This task known as a multi-lingual Google keyword analysis, allowed us to understand the largest search terms relevant to Kristall Spaces and later align the Adwords, Website and SEO strategy to target these terms.

Building The Online Showroom

Using WordPress we built a clean and informative UK, Dutch, German and Russian website highlighting current and upcoming developments.

The websites were built visible for the most highly searched keywords. This was achieved by adding the researched keywords within the most prominent positions onsite, which include the Page Title, H1 Headings, url structures, body copy and META descriptions

Google Adwords

Google Adwords allows us to immediately drive customers who are searching for Kristall Spaces properties directly to the websites.

Using Google Adwords we set-up a series of country specific multi-lingual campaigns, initially targeting the most highly searched keywords.

Due to onsite measurement of lead generation and brochure downloads, we are able to see the conversion of specific keywords. This insight allowed us to pivot the direction of the AdWords and SEO strategy.

SEO Strategy

The initial aim of search engine optimisation is to increase visibility/reach within the SERPs.

The Keyword Research allowed us to highlight the most highly searched keywords which we later peppered into the most prominent positions onsite. The process aided onsite Relevancy and resulted in the website ranking for these specific search terms.

Using the UK example, the goal was to initially rank for the highly searched keyword ‘property for sale in Austria’, this was achieved within 3-6 months.

Post analytical measurement we noticed the keyword ‘alpine ski properties’ has a lower search volume, however saw a higher conversion of leads generated and brochure download. We changed tack and focused on increasing real estate coverage for this keyword.

We now rank #1 for this search term and positions #1 – #4 for several other highly converting keywords.

Boutique Outreach

The aim of boutique outreach is to source credible websites relevant to our target audience. These websites also carry a citation flow of keywords which we want to improve the positions of within Google.

For Kristall Spaces we tended to source travel and investment related websites with a strong readership. Once the websites were sourced we’d pay a fee to house a PR piece which would include a broad match link of the keyword we want to improve the positions of.

Using boutique outreach/link building we’re able to gain wider attention from our target audience, improve the domains credibility and in-turn dominate a series of highly searched keywords.

Social Media Campaigns

We used Facebook to drive targeted traffic direct to Kristal Spaces online showrooms. We found this channel to be incredibly undervalued and in-turn returned an impressive cost per acquisition (lead generation/brochure download).

The Facebook Ads manager is rapidly evolving and now includes pixel tracking. Pixel tracking allows us to monitor who lands on our sites and tag their specific behaviour. This data is later used to serve relevant adverts to people who we know have triggered an event onsite.


Measurement is the key to all digital marketing. With Kristall Spaces we used Google Tag Manager to set-up a series of tags across various touch-points of the website. These tags were then used to trigger Goals within Google Analytics. These Goals included dwell time, the download of a brochure, newsletter sign-up and submission of enquiry form.

To track the conversion of phone calls we used Google Dynamic number which allows us to track which keyword specifically resulted in a phone call. This analytical measurement allowed us to put a nominal amount towards the cost-per-acquisition of all channels and campaigns we stressed.

As a result, we were able to lean-up our Adwords spend by moving our budget from keywords which didn’t perform, to keywords which did. This highlighted a series of top performing keywords for us to target with our SEO strategy.

This emphasised the effectiveness of set Facebook campaigns with groups and interest-targeting.

At a glance we could see the direct response from our Boutique Outreach campaigns.

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