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Ironmongery Experts, subsidiary of Wyatt Crocker Limited, was first established in 1992 and specialises in construction and joinery products. In 2014, Ironmongery Experts required an e-commerce solution in order to increase revenue generated online, as well as to build a bespoke High Security EPS Key Registration on their online platform.

From a standstill position, Ad Lab built an e-commerce website for Ironmongery Experts on a Magento platform, with bespoke fully responsive ecommerce website design, from mobile/tablet to desktop, and bespoke PHP developments, among other various details, explained further below. Upon building the website, it was of the upmost importance to set up the relevant measurement on site and to trial a series of marketing channels, which later resulted in an e-commerce conversion rate for the website of 5.2%.

Project breakdown

Website design

Working alongside the client, Ad Lab produced a series of tailored designs for the Ironmongery Experts’ website focusing on user experience, simplicity and ease of access to the products.

Website development

On the Magento 1 platform, we developed a series of custom, responsive designs; built the relevant categories in line with the client’s recommendations; configured the payment gateway; set up an inventory of 3500 products; integrated third-party software, such as the Sphinx Search Ultimate, which allows customers to find the products with ease; and built relevant pages, such as the “About”, “Terms and Conditions”, “Privacy Policy”, “Returns and Delivery”, and “Help”.

Bespoke development

High Security EPS Key Registration

 We created a bespoke key ordering 3-tier system, which allows property owners to register a high security key, and then pass an allocation to the letting agent and additionally to the tenant.

 First tier: Landlord/Property owner

The landlord/property owner first creates an account, in which they register/purchase a high security key, upload a proof of address and pay a £3 land registry lookup. Once the land registry is approved, ownership of the property will be also approved, and the property will then be visible in the dashboard. Upon approval of the property, the owner will be able to add tiered users and choose whether they are a letting agent or a tenant, assigning each the allocation of keys for each user. The property owner/landlord has the capability to manage users – looking up the users’ name, email address, type of user (letting agent or tenant), the allocation of keys given to each, the key code of the registered key and is also able to revoke the access and the allocation of keys.

Second tier: Letting agents

The letting agent starts by receiving an email generated by the landlord/property owner registering the user against that property. In that email the letting agent will receive details about the property, allocation of keys, authentication code and a link to either login or sign up. Once signed up, the letting agent will see in their dashboard the property and the allocation of keys assigned which will last for 365 days before being renewed by the landlord/property owner. The letting agent has the ability to add further tenants, add their allocation of keys and manage the users, being able to revoke and edit the allocation of keys of each user. The letting agent can order the keys directly from the dashboard. Upon the first attempt they will be required to use the authentication code which was present in the email sent.

Third tier: Tenant

The tenant will receive an email, which will be triggered by the actions of both the letting agent and the property owner/landlord. This email will have the address of the property, key allocation, authentication code and links to aid the tenant to sign up or login. After logging into the system, the tenant will come across the property and the allocation of keys in the dashboard. The main difference in the tenant account is that he/she is only able to order keys only rather than having the power to manage users. Once clicking in ordering keys, a pop-up message requiring authentication code will appear. Same principle applies and allows them to order the key.

Marketing strategy


After building the website, we undertook the relevant measurement on site and trialled a series of marketing channels. We started by using Google Tag Manager to add website tags, including a series of tags across key sections of the website this includes submission of the contact form, opening accounts, sign up to newsletter, clicking of an email address on the contact us page and the clicking of the phone number. Using Google Analytics, we assigned all these tags to various goals, allowing us to report on a monthly basis about the key performance indicator (KPI) to the client.

Ironmongery Experts, being an e-commerce store, the most important metrics are revenues generated, orders placed and conversion rates, the latter being 5.2%.

With this measurement in place, Ad Lab was able to create educated forecasts with our marketing budgets going forward providing the client with full transparency as to what we are doing and what the client is getting from the campaign.

Feed management

As part of the marketing campaign Ad Lab established the relevant product feed management, which is the process of taking the product export from the website, embellishing the products’ titles, descriptions and various other fields within the product export. Moreover, we passed this data through to a variety of media channels and marketing places.

Google shopping

With 10-1 return on investment, the Google product comparison platform has been a very lucrative channel for the range of products on the Ironmongery Experts. To set up the Google Shopping campaign with the right measurement and the means to be able to optimise the campaign efficiently, Ad Lab created over 360 ad groups within Google AdWords in line with the product categories from the website. Each ad group had products assign to it which mimic the products on the website, allowing us to see the media spend on Google spent on specific categories of products.

With the use of Google Analytics, we created a number of custom reports that show the conversion rate versus the day of the week and hour, in order to understand the specific times when products have either a higher or a lower conversion rate. The goal is to gain the maximum exposure of the products when they are receiving the highest conversion rate. To automate this, we assigned an Ad Schedule within Google AdWords which increased the Cost Per Click (CPC) bid, promoting the products higher in Google Shopping.

Furthermore, this campaign gave us the opportunity to view the keywords triggered for products present within those specific ad groups, allowing us to highlight and remove any negative keywords we didn’t want Ironmongery Experts’ products to appear for.

This customer centric approach allows us to source keywords from our Google Adwords/Shopping campaign, which have the highest conversion rate and search volumes.

Once sourced we were able to optimise and create product and category pages inclusive of those keywords, as part of an overall search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. An example of this is the Dorgard category page which includes the highest converting keywords, such as dorgard, dorguard, door guard, dorgard fire door retainer, doorguard and so on.

The main benefit behind creating these granular ad groups in line with the categories is that it highlights keywords which triggered the highest conversion and search volumes for products within those ad groups. Thus, leading us to take this customer centric approach towards optimisation of the website and overall SEO strategy.

Bing shopping

Bing has 1/10 of the search present in Google, one essential benefit was found when using this platform was the capability of being able to simply copy and paste our campaign from Google AdWords/shopping into Bings’ advertising platform. Within Bing shopping there were similar results as seen in Google shopping, generating Ironmongery Experts around 10/1 results in sales versus advertising spend.


Amazon’s marketplace, one of the largest marketplaces in the world, contributes to 35% of Ironmongery Experts total sales. With the use of Amazon’s application programming interface (API), Ad Lab was able to efficiently set-up Ironmongery Experts’ product export feed through to the Amazon marketplace.

On-page SEO strategy

By understanding the keywords that trigger the conversion of products on the website, Ad Lab was able to use these keywords to optimise the page titles, H1 headers and body copy of the categories and products.

Off-page SEO strategy

To enhance credibility of the website, as well as category pages and product pages, we launched a brand lead boutique outreach campaign, this included a submission of paid articles, press releases, guest blog posts, forum entries, directory listings, infographic creation and distribution and a variety of other white hat link building techniques.

Website maintenance

To ensure Ironmongery Experts’ e-commerce store is kept accessible and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our support team are alerted when any issues may occur and will safeguard the website from any downtime.

Our mission

 At Ad Lab we believe that it is of the upmost importance to be proactive, rather than being reactionary. Now that the above campaigns have been undertook, we plan to embark on a further series of campaigns to grow sales online, these will include: remarketing to our current client base across Google display network and the Facebook platform; discovery and adoption of further market places and media channels, as well as a wider use of content in the form of videos and how-to guides.

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